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Eligibility: Classes IX-XII

Participation: Individual or team of two


Study 1: India is in a frenzy of construction. Buildings, townships and housing complexes are coming up at break-neck speed – and we’re still not there yet: a staggering two thirds of the buildings that will stand in India in 2030 are yet to be built!


How we choose to design these buildings and live can have a profound impact on our resource use and environment. We have begun setting the ‘green’ terms for construction and operation of buildings in India, but it remains a relatively new area of governance.



Study 2: A growing body of scientific evidence suggests our dietary habits are putting way too much pressure on the environment


It is the world’s largest production line: Starts with growing and harvesting crops, moves on to processing food, then transporting and marketing it; eventually the consumption and disposal of the waste. But the process that sustains 7.8 billion people also emits 21-37 percent of all greenhouse gases a year that can be traced back to human activities. Try to gauge the additional emissions as we churn out more to feed 10 billion mouths by 2050.

Guidelines :

  • Choose any one of the above studies and find out a research-based solution to the stated problem.

  • Incorporate your innovative ideas to deal with the problem stated in the studies.

  • Compile your research work in pdf form.

  • Word limit:not exceeding 2000 words

  • Incorporate the images/figures/graphs in your research paper

Student Coordinator: Rishabh Jain (9582934346), Ambica Pradhan

Teacher Coordinator: Ms.Geetika Mehta (9891416375

Important: A student can take part in only 1 Event