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Eligibility: Classes VII-IX Junior Level

                  Classes X-XII Senior Level

Participation: Individual

Guidelines :

  • This event will be an online panel discussion.

  • The topic of the panel discussion will be announced 30 minutes prior to the event for preparation and research.

  • Each speaker will be provided 3 minutes to complete their statement. Every participant will be proposed with a question by the moderator. Relevant questions from the participants can be asked via the moderator. The moderators reserve the right to dismiss inept questioning of any nature.

  • All forms of communication must be in accordance with a formal code of conduct. Participants must dress up in formal attire.

  • Judgment will be based on expression, content, confidence, fluency, relevance to the theme.

Student Coordinator: Anaant Raj (9654096344),Shreyas Thakur (7428519626)

Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Sumedha Kapur (981086680),Ms. Shweta Sehgal (98183 66783)

Important: A student can take part in only 1 Event