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Eligibility: Class V - VII

Participation: Individual

Theme: Technology 90’s and Now OR How far will you go for likes ?

Guidelines :

  • The idea should be realistic and original (should not be taken from any external sources).

  • It should not contain any offensive words or objectionable images.

  • Participants can use any image editing software of choice like photoshop, corel or any other online tool.

  • The output must be submitted in JPEG/PNG/PDF/GIF format.

  • Judgment criteria will be based on originality, creativity, overall appeal and Usage of software or tool.

Student Coordinator:Rishabh Jain (9582934346 ),Shiv Baruah(9811285864),Parnavi Goyal

Teacher Coordinator: Ms.Heena Anand (9971030660)

Important: A student can take part in only 1 Event